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We are delighted to provide high quality audit service to our client in efficient and cost-effective way. Our audit teams provide various kinds of audit services to our clients for different purposes and needs, which include: 

•   Financial statement audit; 
•   Cayman Fund audit; 
•   Special purpose report; and  
•   Accountant’s report for Listing Rules compliance.
Other assurance engagements


We can trier-made our procedures in accordance with the client’s needs in order to provide different levels of assurance’s reports, including:
•   Interim review;  

•   Sustainability assurance report; 
•   Turnover rent report; 
•   TVP/BUD funding report;  
•   Agreed upon procedures report; and  
•   Project funding report.


Financial due diligent and consultation


We can perform an investigation, audit or review on a group, an entity, an issue or an event to confirm facts or details of a matter under consideration. A detailed due diligence report can help to analyse and mitigate risk from a business or investment decision.
•   Buy-side financial due diligence  

•   Sell-side financial due diligence


Our consultation service can help to provide solid and practical solutions for dealings with company’s restructure, complex accounting treatment and/or resolve argument.


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